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Bathtub liner cleaning

It was one of those moments when you take a look at your liner and realize that it has known better days and needs a facelift of sorts.  Yep, been there, done that.

At first I pondered the idea of buying a new one. But when looking around, all I could find was either heavy duty of medium, period, but no telling what either one means which didn’t sit well with me.  Gauge to the rescue.

Gauge tells you just how thick your liner is.  Mine for example is #8 or 2mm thick.  To convert gauges to millimeters, simply multiply the number by 0.25.  8 x 0.25 = 2mm.  See?  A thinner one, say #3, is three quarters of a millimeter thick which is actually very very thin.  3 x 0.25 = 0.75.  Yep.

I decided against buying a new replacement, because the same thing will eventually happen to it sooner or later. And just didn’t feel like tossing a perfectly good existing one only because it needed some maintenance. Besides, I was in the mood for a weekend project anyway and this one seemed perfect. So I took the liner down and went to work.

I wrapped it over the edge of the bathtub, grabbed my good old all purpose brush and scrubbed one part at a time, moving it over to the tub and continuing with the next section over. If it feels nice and smooth when scrubbing, this means the soap scum and whatnot are poof gone. Confirmed by running my hand over.

And so on and so forth, both sides are done. Rinsed it under running water and was ready to hang.

My supplies are shown in the picture below.  I used dishwashing liquid and my good old trusty all-purpose brush.  The bottle is from Palmolive but the contents are from a Dollar Tree.  It worked just fine.


In retrospect I wish I wiped it dry. But I didn’t have much room for that in my tiny studio and just wanted to get this done and over with.  With taking generous breaks my weekend project started dragging on.  I rinsed the liner under the running water which yielded water stains here and there.  But the mold is gone which is what counts.

Hanging the liner was my next step.

Ta da! The liner is up

To hang it, I used double hooks and loved them. Prior to that I used single hooks and discovered that these are good only for one time use. Should you start hanging and re-hanging things, you’ll end up having to re-shape the hooks which is a huge pain in the nether quarters especially with my hands out of shape due to arthritis. But double hooks worked like a charm.

The curtain went on last.


Lovely, isn’t it?  Boy I’m glad I finally tackled this. And that this project is done and over with.

How do you clean your liners?  Let’s exchange ideas.

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