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So you want to post on Facebook

Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? You post your item(s), then they’re hopefully sold, and voila. This is what Facebook is for. Or should be. Except that the road to the actual sale can be bumpy. Beware of the competition and how the Facebook does or does not handle this.

I am an admin in one of the local Buy and Sell groups. One day I login and see this:


See the RED box? It represents the Breaking News. I click on it, and sure enough, there’s a case of a competitor flagging another one.  Both sell similar items.

I have two choices, either to Keep or to Delete.  I chose to go with the former, to Keep the post.  This is clearly a case of the competition gone bad.  See two boxes to the bottom right?  I circled them in red for the better visibility.


Here now, a closeup:

2A enlarged

Much good the clicking does, as it simply doesn’t work. No it’s not a glitch. Each time I try, I get the message that I may not have the permission to view this page. Excuse me? I am the admin of this group, and yes, I do have the permission. And yes, the content in question is available still.  Even now as I write this post, the content is still there.

All this falls on the deaf ears with Facebook thinking otherwise, and I know from a personal experience that contacting FB support is a waste of time. It’s virtually impossible so I won’t even try. In the meantime, I did all I could. I messaged the offender inquiring as to why oh why would they flag a legitimate post. No response. Then I deleted them from the group and blocked.

So far so good only it happened again, by yet another member flagging yet another post. This time around I skipped the messaging part and deleted the offender from the group without much ado.

Mission accomplished, at least for now. No doubt it will happen again, either in my group or in the others. Can Facebook see the real reason why the flagging happens? It seems to be crystal clear that this was done by a competitor; apparently FB thinks otherwise and takes all the flagging for granted. This sort of thinking will act as a positive reinforcement for the offenders to continue. The offenders win, hands down. And oh the timing. It’s perfect, right around the holidays.

From now on each time I login, the red box about the member-reported content is staring me at the face.  Obviously it is there for good.


So folks, don’t hold high hopes about the Facebook sales.  Although I did manage to sell a few items, but this was way back in summer.  Now the things are different.  My 2 cents.

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