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So you want to check your Internet Speed

Guess what happens next. The pop ups will appear all over your desktop. I know, I’ve been there. Am there still.

The name of the site in question is I vaguely remember going there but I never made it through to the actual speed testing. What happened was that when I clicked the button, I somehow consented to the popups. Yes you heard it right, pop ups and nothing else. Forget the internet speed.

The site of course has a lengthy EULA but who in the world will read all of the FIVE PAGES of it for merely testing an internet speed? Now I’m thinking that chances are, my consent to the pop ups is buried there somewhere. And who knows what else.

Here now, a screenshot of the most recent one. I was browsing Facebook when this one made its way onto my desktop. There were more of them, at times even more than one will pop up at once while you stare at them helplessly. Of course, there’s always a way to close them by clicking an X but alas, this doesn’t prevent the future occurrences. Argh

Nov 29. Popup

Disabling pop ups in Chrome settings didn’t help a bit; the pop ups from said site continued. Then I went to the CheckMySpeed site and requested the pop ups to stop. Not sure what will happen next. Most likely the company will say something to the effect that they don’t know what I’m talking about. This remains to be seen.

Check your internet speed elsewhere, folks. Try your ISP. Unless someone somehow hijacked their button, this site is bad news.



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