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Spectrum asks the darnedest things

I am talking about Time Warner Spectrum who inevitably does this whenever you call their Support for help with your wireless network. Support wants to know all kinds of info about you, supposedly for the verification of something or the other. I was asked to provide the last four digits of my social number, my password, my address and the phone number in case we get disconnected. Oh yes. And what in the world does the Support want my phone number for AGAIN if this was the first question asked when dialing the darn 800 number? So I finally refused to provide it stating that if I get disconnected, I will just call back.  And I did.

In the process of calling TWC support, I have learned a few techniques.

First off, remember that you’re in for a long haul. So set up a cup of coffee with the accessories or something else that needs done anyway and keeps you busy in the meantime.

Nov 2. pexels-photo-414630 cup of coffee - with text


There are a few situations that warrant hanging up and calling back. Just like so:  hang up, call back, repeat.

If you don’t like how the Support sounds, HANG UP and call back. On one of my calls, the Support sounded like they were verrryy far away. No doubt this was the case but someone should have turned up the volume. I managed to put up with this for a while but ended up hanging up all the same. A lesson learned: HANG UP first thing.

If Support advises to use your relative’s name for a password, HANG UP. I’ve been through this earlier this morning and tried in vain to explain that this password variation is not safe. Finally did hang up.

If you’re asked to unscrew the cable and screw it back on again, HANG UP. I don’t have the tools to do this and definitely can’t do by hand. But what in the world for??? To check if it’s connected right? For goodness’ sake, said cable was screwed on by a TWC tech, do you really think that I can do it better? No kidding. It’s planted there really good and better not disturbed.

If there’s anything else between you and the Support that doesn’t add up, HANG UP and call back. Remember, you’re in for a long haul. Have a sip of coffee.

Do not use percentage sign in your password. My modem, a courtesy of TWC, wouldn’t let me know that the percentage sign is a no-no. It kept on saying about a mismatch instead. Now that this part is squared away, I’m hoping that I won’t have to call TWC Support ever again. Keep my fingers crossed.

Yes, they do ask the darnedest things but it helps to learn to say no. Oh how I wish I could cut the cable! And I did cut it, am watching the local channels with the rabbit ears and am just as happy. But can’t do the same for the internet connection. Here’s to hoping that someone will invent the rabbit ears for the wireless or even wired internet.

Any other weird questions by Spectrum or any other ISP that you can add to my collection, please feel free to share.


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