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Happy parking day!

Want to park in the street, raise your hands. Mine won’t be there, however about a week ago I had no choice.

Our condo association is doing resurfacing in the garage area. It’s a large place for 150 cars.  The work is being done one half of the entire space at a time.

My half was finished first so my Bug is in the garage now. The other half is currently in the process, forcing 75 cars to park in the street, right by the RTA tracks as seen in the picture. Nearly all the spaces are taken; this will last about a week or so. Doing my half has lasted longer than expected due to the contractors coming across something in the garage floor; it’s an old building so no wonder something came up. Parking in the street was a nightmare; still I managed to back into the space. Getting out of it was weird as the next car over completely blocked my view, and the street being a one-way didn’t help. I had to step out, wait a while until no traffic was coming my way and only then I would start going. Argh.


Now it’s all over with for my side of the garage anyway.

And what used to be a one-way entrance to the garage, has now transformed into a two-way traffic. Oh well.


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