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How I made a hundred dollars

Or so I think. It all began when I pulled into a wrong parking lot and started moving my car every which way so that I could get out of there going forward. All of a sudden a yellow CEL light pops up. Oh no. For those unfamiliar, CEL stands for Check Engine Light on the dash. I then plugged in my little scanner and pulled a few Diagnostic Trouble Codes or DTC for short. Uh oh.

The dreadful yellow light was on and off, so when I called the garage, I was reassured that these are some sort of ‘hiccups’, whatever that means. The garage assumed that it was nothing to worry about. I however insisted that the car is checked out and brought it in first thing in the following morning along with the list of the DTC codes. The garage looked into it and told me that it was all about some solenoid onto which they put a clamp, and said light was gone. I am told to drive around and watch if it returns.

Don’t ask me what a solenoid is as I have no clue. Will probably know better if I google it. But the good thing is, I was not charged for all this, and had a free cup of coffee to boot. Traditionally, diagnostics cost about $100, give or take but it didn’t happen this time around. Wow. This garage is the only place I have been bringing my VW Bug to for the last couple of years or so.

Then I went to Walmart and spent about half of what I just made for the grocery shopping. All is good.

Here’s my snap orange Bug

May 23. TDP Prompt — Assumption. PIC

The Daily Prompt — Assumption

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