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Shopping Around

I was shopping for an alarm clock.  Since I started my new part time job, I wanted to make sure that I wake up on time. Usually I am staying up for most of the night and then sleep in til about noon, but this had to change. Off I’m going to google.

I wanted my new morning friend to be in retro style (more about it later) in a cheerful color, to be really loud and to fit my budget. I found all this in the Sharp Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock. Both Walmart and Amazon sell it for around $10; the latter with free shipping while the former, with local pickup. I have ended up with Amazon because Walmart kept on delaying. Finally I got fed up with this, canceled and went to the river as Amazon is known.

Here now, meet my new alarm clock.
Sharp Alarm Clock TEAL

Cute, isn’t it?  It’s a retro one in teal. It has twin bells, powers by AA battery, and is loud enough to wake me up; tried and true. It has a quartz movement that doesn’t need winding, and is really quiet so I can barely hear it ticking.


I find myself lucky to get this beauty at this price, as some sites have other ideas. Wayfair for example. The same very clock was made by Sharp, right? Nope, says Wayfair, makes it all but disappear and promptly renames as “Double Bell Alarm Tabletop Clock by Charlton Home.” Who in the world is Charlton Home? It’s one of the Wayfair sellers.

Alarm clock on Wayfair site - with text


The real name of said clock is Sharp Loud Twin Bell Alarm, model SPC800 for the silver finish variation. The model name of mine is SPC851 (teal) as per original packaging that I didn’t toss yet.


Oh and the Wayfair price! A whopping $38.99 plus shipping. With this kind of a markup, no telling how much they would charge for the shipping that is free with a $49 purchase. Feel free to find out.

I couldn’t help myself but headed straight to the Q & A section and posted the following. Is this the same clock that sells on Walmart & Amazon for around $10? I thought this question would be posted as it usually happens on the other sites, in the Q & A section. Nope. Instead, I received this email:


Unable to say, huh?  However when I was google-searching for a Sharp alarm, I ended up right there.  Come on now.  I was not asking for a price match when I can just login to another site and make a purchase right there. What I was trying to say, why such a markup? Not saying that the cost of goods sold was $10 with free shipping and the selling price, $39 plus shipping, but it might have happened. Who knows. Imagine what would have transpired had both my question and the Wayfair answer been posted on the site. Understandably, Wayfair doesn’t have this habit.

Prices nowadays.  Hmmm

By the way, do you know what retro means? Contrary to the popular belief, it is neither antique nor vintage. Vintage is something that was made at least 20 years ago, while antique is closer to a hundred years ago. Retro, on the other hand, was made around the current times but it was made to look like vintage. To summarize it, retro is new, vintage is old, and antique is very old. Hope this makes sense.

Bottom line, love my new alarm clock.


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