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Notable is happening today

Things are happening in my little studio… This morning I had an experience that definitely qualifies for being notable and even this is an understatement.

It was the usual, I woke up and immediately jumped to the computer to see what’s going on in the world.  Low and behold, this is staring me straight in the face:
It’s a purchase at the Home Depot that I don’t recognize. Never made it, never received, and what in the world is going on? This card is paid off and as far as I am concerned, the balance should be zero.

First thing, I called Home Depot and had an instant chat, too. The latter tried to make a wild guess that someone has accidentally used my email address. The phone call was more productive; the purchase in question will be refunded. Which it ultimately did, while conveniently stating that the item was returned. Excuse me? I have never ordered nor received said purchase, so how could I return it?? What a way to avoid bad stats. Imagine what would have happened if it stated Fraudulent Transaction. This definitely would be notable which is exactly what Home Depot is desperately trying to avoid. I bet I am not the only one but thanks to the today’s prompt, I am letting the world know.

I subsequently logged into my Home Depot profile and deleted ALL of the credit cards on my file. But said amount is still sitting in my credit card record. It’s a Chase card, and contacting them isn’t as easy as it appears.

I’ve been there before so I know my ways around a little bit. It is impossible to email Chase directly from their website; all the links to this effect don’t work. Please note that the phone number provided on the Chase site for this very purpose, namely 1-800-432-3117, doesn’t get you anywhere, so don’t waste your time trying. The following number however, will: 1-888-489-8452; it did work for me as of this morning. Here’s the Chase email address: The reply is not guaranteed.

This link seems promising:  Credit Cards Dispute, however you will merely get some info about disputes and nothing else.  But all is not lost.  Here’s the other link that really works: Credit Cards Resource Center.  It’s where you can actually file your dispute. Bingo.

For a good measure, you can also send your dispute by fax: 888-643-9624. Per chance Chase messes up, you can fax them a re-dispute at the same number. Been there, done that.

The above events fit today’s prompt like a glove. Thank you, The Daily Post!


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