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Meet my new TV antenna, rabbit ears and all

I have been a cord cutter for quite some time but was on a fence as what to do next other than watching DVDs. Roku didn’t work as for some reason it was not compatible with the Time Warner modem. I could of course run an Ethernet cable between the two, but couldn’t fathom yet another cord in my studio, so this wasn’t even an option. Then I tried some rabbit ear antenna that didn’t do a squat with my old TV. No it wasn’t a tube TV, it was a flat panel Polaroid LCD TV from Target. There must be something about that TV that rendered any antenna useless.

When that TV finally bit the dust, I have purchased an Insignia TV from a neighbor. This morning I connected my new GE 33694 TV antenna to the TV but didn’t hold out much hope. It looked just like any other rabbit ears antenna, and I knew it wouldn’t work. But surprise, surprise! It did work on the first try. With some TVs you have to do a channel scanning, but on my Insignia all I did was press TV button on the remote, and voila! Had NBC in high definition up and running in an instant.

I live in a Midwest city, in an old brick building if this matters. The condo rules won’t allow an antenna in a window but I’ve found a way around by placing it on the top of a DVD cabinet right by the window. Will likely have to play with the antenna placement or angle for the other channels but woo hoo! I can now watch TV without paying $$$ to the cable company.

I was having one heck of a hard time trying to take pictures of the TV screen. Trying to capture just the right moment when things are relatively still on the screen while trying not to jerk the camera at the same time proved a project that I completed with a mild success. The following image represents the best I could do.


See the NBC channel up and running?  The reception was perfect, much better than can be seen in the picture.

To determine the distance to the local Broadcast Towers, go here: and here: .  On the first site you can click TV Reception Maps where you enter your zip code and get an idea about your coverage.  On the other one, you enter your address and then click Find Towers.  There are a few towers in my area.

Bottom line, I enjoy watching the local channels without having to pay $$$ for the cable bill, and only wish that the same was available for the internet connection. Especially now that the Net Neutrality is in peril.

P.S.  I was about ready to post this when decided to peek at the prompts. And low and behold, I figured I could link it to the recent Prompt. Mild refers to my mild success in taking pictures of said TV.  Still, I tried.




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