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eBay recreates

Today’s Daily Prompt is Recreate. Merriam-Webster defines ‘recreate’ as giving new life or to refresh. This fits today’s happenings to a T. eBay has given a new life to its old warnings.

The most recent one had to do with a current trend of starting links with an https. However in the spirit of recreating, eBay has issued a warning as to ‘Remove Contact Info’ that has never been there to begin with.

This one did take some deciphering skills on my part that up to today I was unaware of. I was puzzled at first, but after a bit of thinking and a cup of coffee, I have figured it all out. It’s all about https and nothing to do with any contact info, whatever that means. This must have been eBay’s subtle way of telling you that you’re in the red.
9. Sept 16. eBay recreates

So I went ahead and spent an entire Saturday afternoon fixing that. My limited knowledge of html came handy as I have manually added an s to each and every link in my descriptions that begins with an http. However, the source links remain the old way, meaning all of them still begin with a good old one http. Hence the word ‘manually’ becomes a keyword. From now on, I am stuck with doing this manually until eBay makes changes on its end… or until pigs fly.

All said and done, however the warning remains unchanged. The punishment is still looming on the horizon.

I am disappointed with the way eBay handled this, by issuing a generic all-inclusive violation warning instead of pinpointing the exact violation AND updating the links on their side. Apparently eBay isn’t punishing itself for this oversight with lack of https for all their links. Heck it might not even be aware of it. It will not issue a warning to itself. Go figure.

So much for the recent happenings in my studio.

The Daily Prompt: Recreate

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