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My kitchen transformation, or blessing in disguise

A few months ago I have ended up with an unexpected mess in my kitchen. No I didn’t burn anything, at least not then. What happened was a rusty pipe burst somewhere upstairs. After a couple of weeks the offending pipe was finally located and replaced with PVC. Meanwhile, I had these huge commercial dehumidifiers sucking the water out that took nearly the entire kitchen space.

Back then, I couldn’t help but think, why this should happen to me. Why oh why. Little did I realize it was a blessing in disguise. My little kitchen slowly underwent transformation, mostly covered by my insurance, with the exception of a few extras. Here goes:

1 KT

See?  A world of difference compared to how it was back in the day.  Long gone the ugly off-white walls with tons of imperfections in them, and when I say imperfections, this is to put it nicely.  No more bubbling paint or gloomy old floor.  This kitchen has made a huge step forward, and  is still going in this direction.

A disclosure: the walls are not green. I would have never picked a green-and-red pattern in this kitchen. But try all I might, was unable to capture the true color that is SW 6135 Ecru (appears sort of tan). The other wall, my feature one or a backsplash variation, is SW 6320 Bravado Red. I found this combo on Pinterest and decided that it would work here. However the yellow light from my new recessed lighting LED bulbs gets in the way. Or else this SW color has some hidden green in it that keeps on coming through.

See now, I’ve found some room for my Keurig and for the cereal dispenser right next to it.  The latter is for those mornings when you just don’t feel like cooking yet another oatmeal.  It makes cereal dispensing a cinch.  Prior to having this one, I had my dry cereal in a plastic container that I was having one heck of a hard time getting it out from without making a mess.

I absolutely love my new floor.  I have this thing about dark floors, I like them.  It’s resilient vinyl, Allure Cherry pattern, looks fantastic but is non-forgiving, so all the dust and the like are magnified a few times over. This calls for the frequent touch ups, but then again, you can’t always have it all. Still I love it unconditionally.

Overall, my new kitchen looks organized and more minimalistic than ever before. Yay. But this is only the beginning; more projects are on the way.  Will keep you posted.


P.S. I was reading this post over again and it dawned on me, I can connect it to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure. This one is definitely overlooked. Had I not told you, you would have never known.

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