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Buyer Beware when shopping online

The day has come when I decided to splurge on a few new things for my little place. For those unaware, I don’t have full size appliances so have been using a double burner hot plate which takes an enormous amount of space on my tiny counter. Having it replaced with a single burner variation made sense since I could hide it away when not in use.  I went to do my shopping on Amazon, of all places.  When I was offered a deal to add a few $ to my gift card with a refill, I went for it.  Swallowed the hook, the line, and the sinker. In hindsight, I wish I stopped for a moment and gave a thought of what might happen if a deal goes south. I would be totally unprotected which is, you guessed it, exactly what had happened. A Murphy’s Law right in front of my very eyes.

A delivery date was promised to happen between yesterday and three days from now. Guess what, my order is still being “prepared for shipment”, whatever that means. It has been this way since the day number one and is not going anywhere.

If you think that a Contact form is accessible from your Orders page, you’re mistaken. I resorted to google it and so far received replies from two reps. The first one has made a few apologies and stated there was a delay. The next one attributed the delay to the free shipping. Excuse me? This might have to do with the actual transit times but my items are not even shipped yet.  Instead, they are still sitting somewhere in the dark depth of Amazon.

This made me think, Amazon LLC has made a deal appealing by offering a gift card refill deal, free shipping and a definite delivery time frame. If Amazon was aware about delivery problems with free shipping, it was silent about it, so I had to learn after the fact. Now what?

See? This is exactly where I am at right now.

After all said and done, it makes no sense to cancel the order. The refund would go back to the darn gift card that I don’t intend on using ever again. Can’t even use it as a wall decor since it’s digital. I am not going to shop on Amazon for the rest of my natural life. A lesson learned.

Now am sitting tight and waiting for the miracle to happen. Am still waiting.

UPDATE:  As a result of my attempts to reach out, I am upgraded to One Day Shipping.   We shall see.


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