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A Toothbrush Story

Today WordPress wants us to write about a good old toothbrush, of all things. I guess I am the first one which doesn’t happen very often. But today is the day.  Or is it?  My post didn’t register in the TDP at all.  Looks like I jumped to giving myself credits all too soon.  This looks like a glitch, that’s all  😦

As its name implies, this tool is traditionally used to brush your teeth. But if you get creative, it can have tons of other uses. The one I used it for, was cleaning up my tile grout. For those unaware, grout is that stuff between your ceramic tiles that tends to discolor rather fast while in use and drive you nuts. Mine had what looked like centuries of accumulation.  I knew something has to be done but true to my procrastinating nature, I pondered this for a while and finally put it to action.

My tiles are black and white, while the grout is supposed to be close to white. As I didn’t want to use anything sold in the big box stores with chemicals, I resorted to a mix of bleach and Ajax cleaner. And it even worked.

Granted, I didn’t use said toothbrush for the entire project. At some point in time I switched to an all purpose brush that made things go faster. Doing small areas one at a time, this took about a week. Here are the results.  See? It looks awesome, especially compared to how it was before that as of now, only I know.  Didn’t feel like taking pictures of before.

Hence my Toothbrush Story.  Now the next step is to seal my work.  All this is a part of the studio living, after all.

8. Aug 1. Toothbrush 1

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