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Evanescent eventually

The Daily Post wants us to show a moment in time that holds meaning for us. Merriam-Webster further defines evanescent as something tending to vanish like vapor. Under the circumstances, this sounds good to me.

I think that a picture of my kitchen fits like a glove. I blogged about it a week ago.   Back then, I had a mini flood in it; the water was steadily coming from up above. Finally the culprit was determined to be an old rusty pipe. As of now, the pipe is gone, a PVC replacement is in its place, and I’m dealing with the aftermath by drying things up. A company that deals with floods like mine, came in this morning and installed a few pieces of equipment in my kitchen. They took up the most of the space and are not quiet at all but oh well.

Will have to live with this setup for the rest of the week.

5. May 30. Evanescent

Sorry for the noise in the picture, I don’t know why it’s happening. ISO was set on auto. Hmmm, it must be one of those days.  Today is Tuesday yet it feels like an equivalent of Monday.


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