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Catapulted in my studio

What happens when you wake up in the morning to a disaster in your kitchen? No, I am not talking about burning some food; I am not that bad. What actually had happened was a rain falling from the kitchen ceiling, apparently coming from the upstairs somewhere. There’s no telling where exactly it started but the fact remains, my kitchen was flooded. Like a reverse catapult of sorts.
5. May 23. Catapult
As the week progressed, the pictures became less pretty so I won’t post them here.

Last Sunday was one week anniversary but aside from being upgraded to a larger bucket and a few towels to catch the water, I was not celebrating.

When something like this happens, you start going through the stages. First you panic a bit, then you start asking why me, and then you should contact the building maintenance and your insurance company. I went through all of the above, although not in this very sequence. In the beginning, I became stuck somewhat in the first two stages but eventually managed all four.

As a result of my actions, I have met with the insurance adjuster, the building manager and the maintenance man, all at once. Tomorrow will meet with some pro plumbers who will hopefully figure out where this mess had started in the first place. Once that is done and out of the way, will have to deal with the restoration part.

This is what the studio life is all about. Gotta love it.

The Daily Prompt: CATAPULT


3 thoughts on “Catapulted in my studio

  1. Well that certainly put a dampener on things and rained on your parade 😂
    All jokes aside, best wishes, hope it’s all restored soon 😃🦉

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