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My new Zinus bed

This bed is the best thing that happened in my life this year, hands down. Admittedly it was long overdue and finally it came true.

Prior to that, I was putting up with an old Nomad bed that was extremely wobbly and just getting on my nerve. I did my best not to move around too much while in it; imagine that. I even blogged about it.  

After having done tons of research and reviews reading, I have decided to bite a bullet and buy Zinus SmartBase bed frame. Boy am I glad I did.

No more bolts tightening, no more surprises after purchase and no more bulky wooden bed. All this is gone into eternity… actually the bed itself went off straight to the dumpster. Welcome in, Zinus bed frame. Yay.

It arrived in a cardboard box measuring about 40 x 40 and only four inches thick. This allowed for the portability and ease to move around through the narrow hallways, the elevator and through the door of my condo. The box was easy to open, all you have to do is use either a utility knife or a box cutter; I used the former. Then slide it out and read the instructions.

1. BoxYou might want to ask, why not read the instructions first? At the moment, all I could think was an Andy Rooney book where he talks about using new tools. He would play with the tool first and read the instructions later, which way the instructions make more sense.  I used the same principle with the Zinus bed, and it worked. Actually, the frame is assembled already for the most part, all you have to do is tighten a few wingnuts and you’re all set. Easy peasy.

When it first arrived however, I felt slightly overwhelmed mostly because of the lack of space around. I let it sit for a day or so while I pondered about the sequence of events to follow. I even called maintenance for help who told me they’d come by when they have a chance. Am still waiting lol. No, not waiting. I became proactive and had it all done. Yes, I can!

2. Mattress

Then I decided that the mattress had to go first. I managed to slide it off the old bed and into the kitchen area where it took most of the space and then some. My berber floors being slightly slippery, helped the transition.

Then I disassembled the old wooden bed and took it to the dumpster which turned out surprisingly easy. Next, I put together the new bed which was a piece of cake. It came with two anti-slip pieces that I ended up not using. You really need to be able to lift the mattress which I couldn’t do so will wait til my kids are in town. The surface that the mattress is sitting on, is slippery, however since my bed is right by the wall, it can slip only one way… toward the wall and nowhere else. The problem solved.

3. Bed frame

It has recessed legs that I absolutely love as this feature eliminates bumping into them. The plastic cups under each leg prevent damage to the carpet. The frame has a sturdy feeling to it and is not wobbly a single bit. Love it.

And here it comes, all dressed up. I think I will use a larger quilt to act as a bed skirt; for now, I fashioned the existing one. Will have to work on the color coordination, too This will be my next project.

4. Bed dressed up

Yay to my new bed! And to my bed assembling skills. Am setting my own record


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2 thoughts on “My new Zinus bed

  1. Looks good. I also live in a small space and am looking for a better setup. This looks great because there’s lots of under-bed storage area. What do you think the maximum comfortable height is for a bed like this? Totally hear you on wanting to get rid of a bulky wooden bed. Ugh.

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