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Can you sleep in a twin bed?

The short answer is yes, you can especially when living in a studio which is exactly what I am doing as we speak. Living in a studio that is. Should you be looking for the long answer, ask the furniture stores. They’ll collectively say no you can’t, it’s too small and it’s made for kids only. Grow up and buy a king or a queen size.

Studio dwellers, raise your hands. Hmmm, not too many.

Buying a bed was just another small part of the studio-related downsizing or so I thought. However, buying a twin XL bed is next to impossible. Then I found a terrific-looking solid wood platform frame of this size on Shop4futons website and was proud of myself. Nonetheless this pride was short lived as some hurdles came along.

This thing has a multitude of bolts that need tightening every so often. This involved having to move said bed with two people in order to do the bolts on the wall-facing side. This fact by the way, is nowhere to be found in the description; you have to become a proud owner first and find out only after the fact. I just verified this again on the Shop4futons website.

A lesson learned: don’t buy a product in absence of the reviews.

Here goes, a photo of a pair of said bolts; a part of what have been the center of my attention for nearly a year.

Less than a year after the purchase, the bed is wobbly to the point that each time I’m saying a little prayer to not end up like a proverbial Humpty Dumpty. Oh and one end started to come apart but luckily it’s the one by the wall.

Today I have decided that enough is enough. Emailed Shop4futons who called back. Turns out this site is a middleman, have never heard of this problem happening ever before with anyone, will address with the manufacturer since the frame is still on warranty. This makes me think, chances are, I had a dud. Either way, return is out as I tossed the original box; even if I figure out the box, will have to pay return shipping and oh the 20% restocking fee. So forget about warranty.

Will likely have to write it off on occasion of the bad experience and move on.

After another fruitless round of searching for a bed of this size, I have ended up buying a Zinus metal frame from Amazon. The reason for Zinus was because as I learned, they are very responsive to the post-purchase problems and really stand up by their warranty. The reason for Amazon was a discount if I apply for their credit card. I hesitated at first as I really don’t need yet another credit card, but decided to go ahead and bite the bullet. After said discount, my grand total including the headboard brackets was just under $50, can’t beat that. Here’s to hoping this frame will do better than its predecessor.

Will update about the new bed when I receive it.

A few words of caution about buying on Amazon. You really need to read the reviews first. Some buyers complained of receiving frames not as described, with slats more than 3 inches apart. Zinus was quick to point out that this was due to using Prime; when this happens, the beds come from a different warehouse that carries the older models. Zinus quite generously offered an exchange and the buyer won’t even have to pay the return shipping, let alone the restocking fee. Wow.

Good thing that I didn’t use Prime.

While going through the purchase process, I noticed that a box with the standard shipping was clicked on by default, definitely not by me as it bears a price of $18, with no more than 2 days delivery difference. I caught it in time and unclicked. My new bed will arrive two days later, no big deal. But am not paying extra for the shipping if I don’t have to.

All this was written to express my deep disappointment with the bed adventures, and then I took a look at the Daily Prompt and decided that it fits like a glove. The Daily Prompt: Center.


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