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Studio-friendly appliances. Presto electrical skillet

Welcome to my kitchen once again. Since it lacks full-size appliances, I have to work around this. Studio friendly appliances are the answer. Here now, meet my Presto electrical skillet.

It’s a foldaway type, it measures 12 x 12 and doesn’t take much room. After a brief pre-heating, it’ll work like a clockwork, and is pretty much set-in-and-forget-it kind. It’s great to cook for a crowd or grab by the handles and bring along with you for an event.

Pictured below is a batch of pork chops that I cooked in it. I usually set the temp on about 250 degrees, preheat, sit the chops in the skillet, cover and leave well alone for about 15 minutes. Then I come back, flip the chops and let it go for another 15 minutes. Cooking the chops this way brings up the natural flavors and they taste fantastic. There’s no way that I could make anything like that in a conventional stove-top skillet. Yum.


When you first set it to cook, the light on the probe goes on and after a while it’ll alternately go on and of. This is normal as this is the way this smart skillet adjusts the temperature automatically. There’s a spout in one corner that acts as a vent and also to pour out cooking juices.

This skillet being a truly non-stick, is a low maintenance and easy to clean. Just wash with water & soap, rinse & wipe dry and it’s all set. Now that I have it, I can’t imagine cooking without it. I love my Presto skillet!


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