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Reviews you can trust. You think?

For what seems to be the longest time I have been writing reviews in exchange for a freebie that I could keep. I would receive a freebie first, and write a review next. This time the freebie was Coca Cola milk that I never received.  A free coupon came in mail instead.   I then told… Continue reading Reviews you can trust. You think?


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So you want to check your Internet Speed

Guess what happens next. The pop ups will appear all over your desktop. I know, I’ve been there. Am there still. The name of the site in question is I vaguely remember going there but I never made it through to the actual speed testing. What happened was that when I clicked the button,… Continue reading So you want to check your Internet Speed

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Spectrum asks the darnedest things

I am talking about Time Warner Spectrum who inevitably does this whenever you call their Support for help with your wireless network. Support wants to know all kinds of info about you, supposedly for the verification of something or the other. I was asked to provide the last four digits of my social number, my… Continue reading Spectrum asks the darnedest things

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Is your WiFi connection secure? Don’t bet on it.

I for once will never take mine for granted. Here’s what happened. Lately I have noticed something odd when clicking on the little triangle with 5 bars in the bottom right corner of the taskbar. Someone was hunting down my internet connection. That someone goes under the network name NETGEAR_EXT, obviously a neighbor. This neighbor is… Continue reading Is your WiFi connection secure? Don’t bet on it.